Concept Sketch for an Autumn Skirt

Mother ever-so-kindly bought me some fabric yesterday.    Today, I worked out a concept sketch and found some trim.  I’m especially smug, because the trim is vintage, and from a grab bag, and *it was nearly free*  I’d never seen any trim like this before, but  my vintage Home Ec. book  (“Elementary Home-Economics Unit Problem Plan” copyright 1931)  says it’s called stickerei, and is “A narrow tape with embroidered scallops, either white or colored…..  and is used in finishing undergarments…..housedresses, and children’s clothes.”     I had been wanting to use it for some time, and it’s rather drab shade of tan is perfect for this project.


Here’s the concept sketch. I didn’t include the stickerei, but it should run around the waistband.  It won’t show up strongly on the white skirt fabric, but it should stand out  nicely on the pockets.

It has occurred to me that I need to find a way to put more detail into the *hems* of my skirts, because I do get tired, sometimes, of tucking my shirts in.


I will put elastic in back, I think, and it will have slash pockets, and *possibly* have extra fullness in back (but only if I can manage working off two different patterns at once)  I have the unhappy premonition that Tracing Paper will be called for.  And math. >sighs<


But aren’t those colors so eye-filling?  I wasn’t quite sure of them, at first, but I trusted mother’s judgment, and now they’re giving me that same satisfied feeling that the last spice in a pot of borstch gives.

I’m excited to start sewing!


2 thoughts on “Concept Sketch for an Autumn Skirt

  1. Hi Charity,
    I’m curious if you are adding texture to the skirt as well as the beautiful colours and trim? You may be aware of this already but texture and/or weight can give the person something to “do” with their hands if they are having difficulty with sitting still or concentrating.
    I work with people who have a lot of anxiety and weight that they can adjust helps them relax through the concept of grounding.
    I do enjoy reading your posts as you have a lovely way of putting ideas on paper. Vickie.


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