The Search for the Go-To Dress Pattern

GoTo Dress Pattern:  Noun   A dress perfectly tailored to your own specific body; easily dressed up or down and adapted to the different seasons.    Ideally, a weekend of sewing should produce a dress that is the envy of all your friends— and enemies.

That’s the idea, anyways.

I’ve been trying for some time to find my own Go-To Dress Pattern. Something classic, and adaptable.  Neither too plain, nor too fancy.  I tried Simplicity 1610, and here you see the working muslin.


It fits pretty well. It should, considering I had to 1) add two inches to the bodice length,  2) take four inches in from the sides  3) round the back neckline–it had been a deep V–  4) and lower the front neckline.  Yes, the front neckline has been lowered.        I’m not happy with the sleeves, though.     For starters, the hem pulls into my arms when I put them forward. For another, the whole arm-hole is a bit large.   And to add insult to injury, the “cap” of the sleeve pokes out strangely.  I expect the fact that I seem to be a size 12 (instead of the size 14 that I measured for) has something to do with it.

Notes on the pattern (Simplicity 1610): Once all the cutting and marking is done, I found that it sewed together pretty quickly, with the exception of the sleeves. The design is cute (angled armscyes, slash pockets, pleats) and can go fancy or country, depending on the length and fabric used.

Line Drawing

There’s an optional cummerbund pattern included, that I want to make up sometime.    Yes,  I am totally planning on using this pattern again. Photo

Really, I think it turned out quite well, esp. considering this is only the second dress I’ve ever made.   I intend to wear it quite a bit this winter, with a long-sleeved shirt.   I won’t know ’till I’ve made it up a few more times, if this is really a go-to-pattern, but I have high hopes.


In the mean-time, I am planning Katya’s Hospital-Nighties/Gowns  (I’ve talked it over with mum, and altered my designs quite a bit).


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