Work Begins

Remember this project?


Well, I’ve started working on it.  And it has just as much math as I thought it would.  So far, though, I’ve only got teary once.

I’m using Simplicity 1610, slightly altered, for the pockets, and, after a rather bad attempt trying to morph a circle skirt to a fitted waist, I’m just going with a self-drafted A-line.  After all, a simple pattern done well is much better looking then a complex one done poorly.   Not that a well-drafted A-line is anything to sneeze at.  The tears! The agony! The math!

Regarding the A-line, if you want an example of me making a mistake,  the paper pattern looked too narrow when held up to my hips, so I split the pattern and taped in four inches of extra width. When I made a mock-up, the skirt was four-inches too large, so I took the four inches out again and taped up the pattern. When I made a second mock-up, the skirt was about 5/8″ too small in the width, so I’ll have to add some ease back in.   >sigh<   But I’m getting closer! And I’m repurposing the too-small mock-up into a slip for Kristina.  So it’s all useful.

If you want details as to the steps I’ve taken, I can give them to you (I keep track of all my steps in a note-book) but they’ll be excruciating.  So much math! So much back-tracking.  Such liberal use of scissors and tape.    So I’ve included a slide-show of my progress so far, if you want a summary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck to me! I’ll keep you posted.


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