Muslins and Acorns

If you remember the mustard skirt project, here’s the next installment.  I really need to call it something other than “the mustard skirt”.  Maybe “the Indian-Blanket-flower skirt.” After all, the flower shapes are similar, and the plaid has that same pink/orange color.

My "fashion fabric".

It’s kind’ve a mouthful to say, though.

Moving on. So, I made up the failed muslin. Well, it was a mock-up made from an old sheet, which probably was a cotton/lycra blend, so not a muslin, per se. And because the muslin was failed, I couldn’t wear it. So I made it into a slip for Kristina. It was fairly simple. A fun waistband, elastic, a hem. I did have to cut a foot off the length, but it worked out well, and fits Kristina beautifully.

Then I made up a “walking muslin” for myself.

(sorry the colors are so funny, I fixed them as best I could.)


I’ve had this fabric for years; I originally wanted a blouse out of it, and had cute pink buttons to match, but I was running short on fabric that was 1) undesignated,  2) not a huge, dress-sized length and 3) something I would actually wear.   I accidentally ran the nap the wrong way– smooth is supposed to be up, for a darker, more velvet look– but I caught my mistake in time to make it at least all match.  The pockets worked out fine. I did make them 5/6″ smaller than on the dress, because they would be starting lower on my frame.You can’t really see in this picture, but I edged them in green embroidery floss, for a little interest. I’m considering adding a row of pink floss, as well.

I’m not thrilled with my expression, but the colors are good.012

I had to add elastic to the sides, after it was a little to large in the waist. I had planned for darts, but if I had put them in, I would have had to have a longer zipper, and I only had the one.  I wasn’t thrilled, but I suppose it works.001

You want to know what I learned, though? Don’t put just one short piece of elastic directly  in the back.  It will pull the skirt waist down into a “V” shape. Not a flattering look. I had plenty of time to ruminate on the fact, as I worked with the seam ripper.


I’m being kept busy right now, what with school, teaching, music and whatnot, so I haven’t been able to blog much, but give it another five weeks or so, and things should slow down a bit.


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