Fabric from the Mother-Daughter Trip

Some of this year’s haul. I will make a dress up from this fabric.


The crossword fabric for the body of the dress, the green for a sash.  Sure, it’s unusual, but it’s not obvious, from a slight distance, that the dress fabric is anything other than an a-symmetrical check. And, since grey is neutral, I can change the look by changing the belt. For example, with the green fabric, shoes like these would look good:

(Picture and shoes from ModCloth)

Or, if I use a yellow belt, I could wear these for a more… kitschy look, that I think would be hilarious.

Of course, before I sew up another dress, I have to first sew two pillowcases, my Indian-Blanket Flower skirt, and probably a mock-up of the dress pattern I want to use. But it’s fun to plan. Sometimes I think I have a touch of the dreamer in me.

Now, I’d better go sew up a pillowcase.


6 thoughts on “Fabric from the Mother-Daughter Trip

      1. I think that both actual words and random single letters would look nice and fun. As for words, I think shorter words would look better than really long ones, and not too many. On the side or by the hem, so that they’re not immediately noticed… Maybe words that together make up a favourite line of yours, from a song or a poem?


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