Festival of Carols and Messiah

If you’ve been wondering about my very long absence, I’ve been spending the last five weeks feverishly learning a stack of music.  You see, every year (for the past eight or so) OCU has put on a Christmas concert. This was my third year to be in attendance.

My violin teacher, who is on the faculty at OhioChristianUniversity and has a strong say in who gets in the orchestra, decided that it would be expedient to kill two birds with one stone,  because he could then have twice the feathers in his hat for half the work.   In other words, if he cleverly inserts his own students into the string section, not only do *we* get the benefits of the orchestral experience, but not being professionals he doesn’t have to pay us. And when we do well (as we will, because we are his students, and the management trusts his judgement) he looks very good indeed.
Further more, if we should attend OCU, we will already be a valuable addition to it’s fledgling music programme, and add credit to the school.

In addition to myself, I think there were at least three other of his students in the orchestra. We were all second stand, second chair, except for one who had played last year and had been promoted to first chair.

Before the concert.

The concert went really, really well.  Except that I was situated right next to the drum set, and actually whacked a cymbal with the tip of my bow right during an a capella choir number. But I stopped it with my hand, and no-one fainted.

I had a lovely, lovely stand partner–a sweet lady who introduced me to her husband of forty-plus years, the “love of her life.” Thanks, E., for a wonderful first experience.

After the concert with my teacher, who is gloating over my success.

I was very, very happy. I’ve been attending the “Messiah” pretty much every year since I was three or so.  Small enough, anyways, that I had to be coaxed through it with dolls and snacks. Playing in it has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  As you can see, I was very happy. Usually I smile like this the whole time, but I was dampened somewhat by concentration. Don’t worry though, I was “living the dream” and starry-eyed with happiness.


Video taken by my very proud parents.

I actually could hardly sleep that night, because the music was still running so strong through my head.  I had to get up early the next morning (Sunday) and go do it again at a church, so by Sunday afternoon I was a bit of a mess, and didn’t want to even listen to music, let alone touch my violin.  I’ve recovered, apart from an aversion to hearing any part of the “Messiah” that I performed.

I’m a little burnt out now, but come next year, I’ll be ready to do it all over again.

Note: The dress is a post for another day.


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