An Explanation of Chad


I love this boy. He’s such a ham. We made gumdrop cookies yesterday, and he rolled the sliced gumdrops in sugar, and made faces.


He says he likes the green gumdrops best. But then, he just likes green.

Chad loves animals, and collects facts almost effortlessly. He can tell you what this monkey is (A Black Snubbed Nose) and where is lives (“China’s Forests and Snowy Mountains”)  In an unrelated side note, Todd saw this monkey, and said it looked like “Michael Jackson in a fur coat.” Which it does.

Whenever we’re at the zoo, Chad’s front and center with his hand raised. He amazes the zookeepers with his enthusiasm, which sometimes over-steps the bounds of politeness.



He longs for a kitten of his own.


Or a hermit crab, or a lizard, or a dog, or, or, or.  038


He’s recently taken to drawing.


The highlight of his summer? Riding a camel at the fair.


Did I mention he can sing? He has a piercing–think smoke detector–upper singing range, and a surprisingly deep lower one. Chad likes to listen to music out-of-doors, in the recumbent position. He even brings his own pillow.


Chad can be a hard and cheerful worker. His least favourite chore is anything garbage related. Even a perfectly sweet smelling bowl of fresh orange peels will make him shudder. But he doesn’t mind cleaning windows.


Chad is fond of Legos. Very fond. He asks for Legos every Christmas, Birthday, and in-between.  He had a Lego/Wildkratt themed birthday party this year.


His favorite foods are a toss-up between peanut-butter and jelly, and spaghetti.


I showed him this picture, and he said “Good times, good times.”

That’s Chad, ever the optimist. His most characteristic remark, when sick and asked how he’s doing, that he’s doing “a little bit great.”


Chad’s current catch-phrase is ” What? I’m____” (fill in the blank). As in, “What? I’m a very curious boy.” Or, “What? I saw it in a video.” Or, “What? I like it.”

He’s just a great kid.


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