A Present for Grandma

I made another hot-water-bottle cover, in much the same manner as the first, to give to my mother’s mother.   This time it was a little more difficult, because the first time I made it up as I went along. The slash in the side, for example, was originally to compensate for the fact that my binding was short. This time, not only did I have to duplicate the first cover, but I also had to make bias-binding from scratch.   (I’ve made binding a time or two before, and I always use this tutorial. It’s numbering the sides that makes all the difference)


It’s not so bad, but I always require a seam-ripper.   I used a very tiny pink-on-pink print, which doesn’t show up so very well on my screen.


Grandma was very happy to finally have something that I made. It’s useful, too, because she gets a lot of earaches, and as she pointed out, she will no longer have to wrap a towel around the bottle.


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