A Pillowcase for Sweet Lucia

As the title says, this is a pillowcase for Lucia Kacirek, who goes by “Sweet Lucia” in our house.


Lucia is sixteen going on seventeen (she turns on the 20th!) and loves pink.  She is grateful, loving, and happy.  All great thing to be.  She was recently adopted from a mental institution in Ukraine– like Katya would have been. She hasn’t even been home a year, yet.  I know her in a general way– my mum knows her mum, and I made Lucia a pink flower to wear in her hair.  (If you follow adoption bloggers, you might know the pleasure that comes from watching a malnourished child’s hair become thick and glossy from love and food)

The Kacirek’s are having to try and undo/fix 16 years of abuse and neglect. (Most 16 year olds don’t thank people profusely for not spitting on them or dropping them.) So…

Lucia yesterday
Lucia yesterday

Lucia is in surgery in St.Louis at the time of this post– surgery to try and give her use of her second lung, and enable her to sit up with support. The recovery is expected to be long and painful, and so, knowing how absolutely *sick* one can get of hospital colors and ugly hospital gowns, I made her a pillowcase so she’d have something nice to look at when she’s down out of PICU.   As a special touch, I embroidered her initials on the edge.


Daddy was providentially going to be driving through St. Louis today, so he was able to visit the waiting Kacirek’s, pray with them, and deliver a care package.  It’s a super-cute Curious George tote bag, filled with Bloomers chocolates (very important!) a strawberry-scented BodyShop lotion, a Gud body spray in “floral-cherynova” a natural candle for “mom maintenance” (even if you can’t burn the candle, you can smell it!)  the pillowcase, and the current American Girl magazine for when Lucia is on the floor and bored.  The body-care stuff is because we figure her skin might be dried out and medicinal-smelling after surgery– Katya’s was.

The last report on Lucia’s condition was favorable, but to colloquialize, she’s not out of the woods yet, so please help pray for her, her family, and the doctors.

If you missed it above, here’s the link to the Kacirek family’s blog.


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