A Crocheted Hairbow

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this year sick, with the sort of illnesses that require–no, demand!– bed rest. Since I haven’t got any hand-sewing at present, I’ve been practicing my crocheting. Besides, it’s scary to look up and find that you’ve lost your sewing needle amongst the afghans. A crochet hook, not so much.

I’m now at the point where I’m no longer contagious, but am still needing lots of rest. I actually took a nap the other day! So while I was resting yesterday, I made this cute hairbow for a little girl who’s in a play with me, who we’ll call A.


One night in rehearsals we were all sitting around back-stage, and the children without rubber band looms or devices or popcorn were really bored. The girls were all fascinated with the stars I was crocheting (for this project), so I taught one who said she had a crochet hook at home how to do a simple chain stitch. She was very proud. Soon after, I stopped bringing my crochet to rehearsals due to time constraints–I have to change costumes several times, and it’s sometimes a pinch.  But what do I see now, but that girl has taught half the other girls to chain stitch!  And one of those little girls– A. — kindly made me a cute bracelet.  So I returned the favor. A. liked the hair bow a lot, so it was a success. Now she and some of the other “grandchildren” have taught the rest of the girls to chain stitch, so I have great grandchildren! They all sit around between entrances and crochet chains.  I really should teach them how to do single crochet, which is what I used here.


It is aprox. 6 rows of 16 stitches, with the last row of single crochet going around the whole rectangle to smooth things over.  You can find the tutorial here.

I glued the pearl (a de-shanked button) over top the overlapping ends. Technically, the ends were supposed to be on the back, but I wanted the pearl, and it didn’t look “right” just in the middle of nowhere.  The clip is just ran through the loose part in back.

I’m now making a hairbow like it for Katya, who has taken to combing her own hair. Lots of messy ponytails. We had to ever so surreptitiously snip a bit of hair just tonight to get a hairband out. Mum distracted, Kristina snuck over the scissors, and I did the dirty deed.

I’ll get back to regular sewing once I feel a little better. So far I’m working on fixing the sleeve fit for Simplicity 1610. It seems to need the arm-hole raised, which isn’t *that* hard, but then it changes the circumference of the sleeve, and I’m not sure but the distribution of ease needed changed on that anyway. And since the sleeve is pleated, that changes things, but I’m not even sure what because I don’t know anything about pattern drafting and altering, except for what I read in mum’s antiquated sewing books, which are all about fitting fitted garments.

It’s stressful.  But I shall return!


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