One of the Simplest Alterations

Perhaps you remember the orchestra dress I needed? And how I dyed this one, and that failed, so I ended up with this?


And perhaps you also remember that I promised I’d tell you how I made a size 2x  dress fit a girl who wears small and medium petites?  Well, here’s the delivery. It really is one of the most simple alterations to do, right after cutting the sleeves off a t-shirt:

Take the side seams in.


The only tricky part is that this dress was lined, with the lining partially attached. So to keep the dress hanging correctly, I had to “hop” my stitching off the shell when it detached, and sew only on the lining.  Picking thread out of slinky non-cotton knit is not easy, BTW. Ask me how I know!


So the alteration on this dress wasn’t what you would call *easy*, but it was simple. And now you know!


2 thoughts on “One of the Simplest Alterations

    1. Sorry, I just realized I’d flipped the words “shell” and “lining” in my post; it’s fixed now.
      I turned the dress inside out to sew it, as you can see in the close up. Where the lining was attached, I sewed on both the lining and the shell. Where the over dress separated from the under and hung loose, I had to pull the shell part to the side so that I was sewing only on the lining. It felt like “hopping” to me because of the drop in layers of fabric, going from thick to thin. So two thirds of the “tuck” takes in both parts of the dress, but the last third takes in only the lining. The extra loose fabric from the shell I wore belted in. I should add that if you try such a drastic tuck on a dress you plan to wear sleeveless, you should probably cut off the excess material and tidy the edges.


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