Katya’s Two-Year Checkup

Since Katya’s “two-year anniversary” surgery date is coming up, we were back down in Baltimore again this past week.  Here you can see Katya enjoying a cup of water in the Children’s House’s newly refurbished kitchen. 027 And here you can see Katya admiring the new firehouse installed in the basement play-room.  Really, it’s quite fantastic. 013

The appointments went well. I have no pictures from the Plastics/Neuro/Geneticist visit, because I like to be unobtrusive, and the room was unusually full. In addition to Drs. Dorafshar and Ahn, there was Dr. D’s assistant Megan, and an unnamed bearded fellow (I mean the synonym, not the rank) who lurked in the corners and grinned.  Dr D. was in a “lets show off Katya” mood, and was jovial and gracious. Dr. Ahn was interested and surprised at Katya’s progress. Megan accessorized beautifully, as usual, and M. Beardy observed with a smile.

I have no pictures from the Geneticist because I was observing. I always observe new doctors, because mum will compare notes with me later. But here is a picture of Katya modeling her sunglasses after her Eye appointment. 036034

This is my favourite picture.  Katya and I were lounging by the fire. The Children’s House isn’t usually so cold, but the main heat had gone off when the rooftop fan-blade snapped due to snow. Photo: What we do ....

Dear, sweet Katya.029


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