Ducks, Geese, and Seagulls

Our solution for unused, dried out, or moldy bread is to take Mary Poppin’s advice and “feed the birds”. We stick it in a bag in the freezer (or in the grill if it’s winter) and when we have a collection we go down to the boat landing and feed the ducks. And geese. And gulls. 020

The seagulls are a new and bossy addition to the river life. They give even the most battle-hardened geese a run for their money.  But Chad loves feeding them, and it does create a pleasant diversion for an hour.  004

Katya was game to go feed the “ack ack” ‘s as she calls them– meaning ducks, of course– but when we got there, and saw the gulls wheeling and the mobs of geese lounging like snow banks, she panicked and was quite relieved when we allowed her to sit in the car and watch.  Don’t worry, we were within touching distance of the van, and as you can see, a window was rolled down, and we checked on her frequently.

Auntie Eileens Camera 040
Pictures complements of Kristina

Chad had a blast, and Kristina had a blast trying out a “new” camera (Thanks, Auntie Aileen!) 013

Chad was quite generous, throwing whole slices of bread.

Picture complements of Kristina
Picture complements of Kristina
Also complements of Kristina
Also complements of Kristina

Even Katya ended up having a good time. 026


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