Worm Farm

Katya and Chad took advantage of the warm weather on Saturday to build, of all things, a worm farm!

135 133

This isn’t such unusual behavior from Chad, who never to my recollection has had a horror of worms, and since his toddling days has helped dig worms; but Katya is our fearer of “all creatures great and small”, and so this was quite revolutionary!  It all began when Kristina and I found a fat earthworm who had come up for a breath of air.


It was the vigorous sort of worm that thrashes and bucks and tries to burry itself in your hand, all the while undulating and stretching and contracting, rearing up it’s head and twisting itself in loops.  Katya came running up all interested, and wanted to hold it! I was quite shocked, but agreed, warning her that it was slimy and tickled, and cautioning her to not squeeze it.  And wouldn’t you know it, but she took that worm in her own little hand, that thrashing worm, and went and gave it a ride on the swing.



Previously, as in last summer, Katya objected loudly to all things vermicious, particularly if they moved. At most, she might watch from a safe distance, keeping her feet well in.  What inspired this sudden change, I do not know. But I do know that she and Chad passed a pleasant half hour digging for worms, and laying them across popsicle sticks.


And she didn’t hurt Chad once, and cooperated and mirrored him beautifully.


Bonding over worms, who’d’ve thought it?!


One thought on “Worm Farm

  1. Wonderful! I just love the look on Katya’s face when she looks at the worm :-)! How sweet to see such progress in her, not being scared and interacting nicely with Chad! Thank you for sharing! I have missed your posts, but understand that real life must be too busy at times to leave any time for writing.


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