Pig’s Out!

Yesterday I noticed something the back of something black and strange outside. I initially thought it was a dog, since the some of the neighbors let their dogs roam free, and they sometimes end up on our property before we chase them off. Katya is truly frightened of dogs, even friendly ones, and I have no use for roaming dogs, either, ever since one left a “present” on our front mat, a present I didn’t notice until I stepped in it barefoot.  But this didn’t look quite right for a dog, which made perfect sense when I did a double-take and found that the black creature was a pig!


We all (except Katya, who was horrified) began quoting Charlotte’s Web– “Homer! Lurvy! Pig’s out! Pig’s Out!”


One of the benefits of the country, I suppose, is the amount of wildlife one encounters.  We’ve had guinea fowl, resident skunks, goats, peacocks (not on our property) and even a horse, but never a pig.


It really was quite polite, as pigs go.  Todd said “Pig, pig” in a gentle voice, and the pig (who’s name we found out is Hamilton) went along nicely.


But poor Katya still refuses to go outside!


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