Simplicity 2683 Review

Simplicity 2683 made up very well. The markings all seemed to be in the right place, the instructions were clear, and there weren’t too many tiny pattern pieces.  Seven panels for the skirt seemed a little excessive, but it looks very nice. Since the gores weren’t too flared, I was able to use a french seam for a tidy finish. (I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos– my camera’s battery charger has gone missing, and I had to use mum’s phone, which warped the pictures a bit. I’ll put up better ones by and by.)

I chose view A, but decided to leave off the “drape”, because I thought it would look too bulky in my hefty quilting cotton.

Katya measured out exactly for the size 8 with a 27″ chest, but since the dress is meant to last all summer, I went up to a size 10.    I did cut out the bottom neck depth in a size 12 which was a little higher.  The neck width is still a size 10. It fits her quite well, except for being a little big in the shoulders– but that is to be expected with our skinny little girl. I’ll try to put up pictures of Katya modeling it when I’ve found my camera charger.


The pattern recommended a fully lined bodice–  sleeves and all. I decided to *not* line the sleeves (this is a summer dress, after all!) and opted for a simple facing. It just would have got too hot and bulky, esp. with the rutching.


And did I mention I loved the rutching? I’d never tried it before, but the effect is super cute.

The cotton is from our stash, and is a variegated blue/green with tiny dots. It’s prettier in real life, I assure you.   Katya chose the bobble trim, also from our stash. She chose well.  Even though the stiff trim did make sewing the square neckline a whole lot harder. And the lining was cut from a unused cotton slip!

Would I make this pattern again? Yes! Would I change anything? It’s fine as-is. In fact, Kristina is petitioning for one of her own.






One thought on “Simplicity 2683 Review

  1. I know absolutely nothing about sewing, yet still enjoyed this tremendously. :-D I can’t wait to see the little model show it off!


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