Molly’s “Sweet Crochet and Sew” Dress (Katya Edition)

Ever since Purl Soho came out with this dress, I knew I had to make it for Katya.  Since I’ve only been crocheting a short amount of time, I don’t really have a stash of yarns that I love. Oh, I have quite a few skeins picked up from the goodwill en masse, but there’s very little in there that I feel excited about. Fortunately, I had just been to a yarn show (or was just about to go, I forget which) and so in a short amount of time had a skein of this stuff to make it with. I think it made up fabulously!


(The beads on the front are option C. Thanks everyone for your opinions!)


The pattern only came in sizes 2,4, and 6; I made Katya an 8 or 9.  Purl Soho’s size six is in parenthesis, mine in bold:

Finished width of band to sit across chest at armpit level– (8 1/2″) 9 1/2

(I made the back band larger at 11″)

Finished armhole depth: (7 1/2″) 7 1/2″

Finished length from top of shoulder to bottom hem: (25 1/2″) 30″

Katya’s idea of “holding still” is to remain in constant motion whilst keeping her feet within a two-ft radius. So she was being really good by “freezing” for this picture!

Other than changing the measurements, I did make the straps wider. I think that in addition to offering a little more coverage, they also support the weight of the longer skirt better.

Katya really likes this dress!  She wore it on Saturday to go get her Communication Device (a souped-up Ipad).  Some of you might be able to fathom the happy tears and the dancing that’s been going on over here because of this. I expect Mum will put up an enthusiastic post on the subject soon. (For those of you who are new, or read sporadically, Katya is in the predicament of having a lot to say without any way to say it. If you want an impassioned post on the subject, click here. Fortunately things are lots better now, but it’s still really hard for her.)

Katya styled it with a denim jacket and a borrowed orange flower.





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