The Siege of The Seven Suitors

Yes, it’s been too close to a month since I last posted anything. Reasons? We’ve been busy, of course. VBS, summer programs, gardening, vacation (our first since 2010!) reading, lots of violin-related stuff, crocheting (how can I mess up a simple granny-stripe pattern, you ask? I’ll tell you— *easily*) and sewing on a dress that for all it’s simplicity (see what I did there?) has taken me 6 months so far and it’s still not finished.  

There’s a fair amount of reading been going on, too. Chad has taken up reading in a new way, and just this last week said in surprise, “I read it in my head!” We’ve just started “Bunnicula” as a read aloud. 

  I vowed that this summer I would get some books out of the way, and began reading “A Tale of Two Cities”, which actually wasn’t that difficult. I got halfway through before got overdue, and I shall return to it this fall.  

Reading also explains the title of this post. Because, if you were to look on Project Gutenberg for “Meredith Nicholson”– which I highly recommend you do– you would find among her list of books “The Siege of The Seven Suitors”.  It’s cast of characters includes a chimney doctor, a capricious dowager who keeps a clipping bureau busy supplying her with information concerning sunken treasure, a ghost, two beautiful sisters, nine men with top hats going over a stile, a jack-o-lantern, and a concerned butler. Scenes take place in tea rooms, near chimneys, on moonlit roofs, in apple orchards, back pastures, a luggage room, and one place I can’t tell you because it would spoil some suspense. 

Read it, please.  



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