Orchestra Camp


At the end of August I went to The Anabaptist Orchestra Camp, which is in it’s 3rd year. I figured I’d go to support my local denomination, if you know what I mean. Many Mennonites aren’t into the whole instruments thing–they sing and do sports– and so even though I really wanted to go, my expectations were a little low. But I was pleasantly surprised by the dedication of the musicians there.  There was a tacit understanding that we were there to make beautiful music, and many people practiced  in their free time.

I only have four pictures from the weekend, because I was in rehearsal much of the time, and I didn’t feel like carrying my camera around.   But may I just say that the food was good, the air conditioning excellent, snacks were available, and take a look at the size of the dorms!  There was another set of bunk beds just out of sight.AOC 14, children's museum, flowers 002

I would have got excellent sleep, had it not been for some crickets that found their way into the room.

Mum and Dad took everyone down to see me in the concert and to take me home. We got a hotel for the night, and went to a children’s museum the next day.

Watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" at the hotel.
Watching “America’s Funniest Home Videos” at the hotel.
Children's museum
Children’s museum
The obligatory semi-awkward family photo.

And I leave you with the Really Awkward Family Photo:


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