Simplicity 1610, or “The Eight Month Dress”

Well, I’m finally finished with the dress! You’re surprised. You didn’t even know I was sewing a dress, did you? I kept you in the dark, figuratively speaking, because I’d like to appear to those of you who don’t know me as the sort of seamstress who can daintily sit down at her perfectly organized sewing table and over the course of a weekend calmly and rationally turn out a well fitted dress.  I didn’t want you to know about the many muslins, the tracing paper that swallowed our upstairs hallway, the long sessions with the seam ripper, the fabric and sewing machine and needles resided next to my chair in the dining room. I didn’t want you to know that this dress took me 8 months (count ’em!) to complete.  But it’s such a terrible figure, it’s worth boasting about.

AOC 14, children's museum, flowers 064

I made the dress cutting as many corners as possible–no French seaming here!– but I did take the time to hand pick the zipper. I don’t know why it’s called “picking” when it’s hand sewing, but that’s what I did, and I like it alot! I used a piece of crochet trim for a belt.

AOC 14, children's museum, flowers 067

I also wore it with a purple flower in my hair.

AOC 14, children's museum, flowers 062

Basically, what I did to the pattern was raise the armscye– other wise known as the arm hole. Since the armscye has two sharp corners, this was pretty dicey. I adjusted the fit of the bodice, and went up a size in the skirt. I also lengthened the sleeves. Going up in the skirt size messed up the pleats, but I got it figured out with mum’s help. Oh, and I gathered the back instead of pleating it.

AOC 14, children's museum, flowers 066


Would I make this again? Well, lets just say that some other sewing projects have piled up, and leave it at that.


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