Clutter in the Morning Light

I’ve noticed that morning light does for clutter what candelight does for people– it makes homely look good. It’s a side benefit of getting Katya off to school that I get to see the stuff that’s been cleared off the freshly painted porch in a different light.004



Those pictures reminded me of these I had taken a few years ago. The light refracting through the smoke from the frying onions is quite pretty. Frying onions are one of my least favorite things about Sunday, right after getting up. I don’t understand it– I like the smell of frying onions well enough any other day of the week. 1-18 to 1-20 071 1-18 to 1-20 063

Maybe it’s the fact that there’s actual *smoke*. But even that looks pretty in the morning light. Luminescent goldfish don’t hurt, either.


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