Modernized Skirt

So Mum had found me a khaki skirt at the thrift store. You know the kind– think 90’s. Not necessarily bad…. just…. plain. So plain you could weep. Basic to the extreme. So boring that I couldn’t think of anything to wear it with.


It had good bones; A wide waistband, pleats, inseam pockets. The right sort of fabric.  But these features weren’t enough to redeem it from the “someday I’ll fix this” pile.

Until I found some green buttons. Why green? Because I had two green shirts and nothing to wear them with. Sometimes denim just feels cliche, you know. There weren’t enough buttons on the card I had, so I had to haul both shirts in to JoAnns to match buttons. There was a serious dearth of green buttons, let me tell you.

I’m sorry I don’t have a “before” picture. I just couldn’t bear to wear it. But here’s a “during”, which shows one of the too-plain buttons. 014


And here’s the “after”:Green Button Skirt 001


I think it’s cute!  Mum helped me take this hasty picture as I was going out the door to violin. The extreme haste is why we didn’t catch that my shirt is pulled funny. Oh well.

Do you notice that the buttons are arranged in an ombre pattern!? Two of each color, and three at the top under my shirt. They come in packs of five colors. I used four.  This was actually really easy to do– a seam ripper to take the old buttons off, and needle and thread to sew the new ones on.  And it freshened up the skirt so much, adding just the right amount of interest without screaming “I was altered!”


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