In Other News

Chad made a Perler bead frog, so Katya sat down with the diagram and made a Perler bead frog. She was so excited about it, and while I was waiting for the iron to warm up kept grinning at me and gently directing me to the iron.  And she even smiled when I asked her to!028

Chad found a large Praying Mantis– a male, as he kept telling me. I have no idea about it’s gender, but Chad got it to crawl on his head.017

See the photo bomber? 020

I had a violin recital. Even though mum forgot how to record it, I’m pleased with the results, because I managed to not be nervous.  I don’t get nervous as in “I’m going to mess up and be humiliated for the rest of my life” but I get an adrenaline rush and start to over think everything I’m doing.  This time whenever I would feel myself begin to over think I would think about what I was actually doing. Instead of “Did I play that flat?” I would think “I am in section A heading for ending B and I am going to nail this.”  And though I’ve never minded performing, this time it was actually fun. 024

I made Aunt Justina’s White Cookies for the reception following the recital. I ran out of coconut, so I used pecans. Daddy’s side of the family loves white frosting with pecans, so it felt very traditional somehow. Pecans also are easy to brush off if you don’t like that sort of thing. People wondered how I got the filling inside. :-)023

I looked out the window the other day and saw this. This summer Chad and Katya have really begun to like books. 021

Just a few days ago I found Katya and Kristina like this. Katya was solemnly perusing an adult book with fine print and no pictures. Every once and a while she’d turn a page.


And so our fall moves into winter.


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