“Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls” by Yuki Araki Pattern Review (Pt. 2)

In my last post, I reviewed pattern “b, f” from Yuki Araki’s “Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls”.  Here’s my review of the physical book– projects, layout, translation and whatnot.

First off, isn’t this a sweet cover?Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls - Tuttle Publishing

To be specific, it’s the little girl who’s sweet. Such calm happy eyes! If I understand correctly, all outfits in the book are modeled by Mrs. Araki’s two daughters.

The book opens with a nice introduction titled “What handmade means to me”, wherein the author explains a bit about her thought process– that “creating clothes is like drawing pictures”, that balance in the finished project is important, and that “fabric is like paint”.  An interesting concept, and one that seems to work. All her projects photograph beautifully.

Tuttle Publishing Review 001

The key word for this book is “Neat”. Projects are to “fit neatly”. Blouse “q” is titled”Neat Blouse”. The tucks on skirts “b” and “f” are neat. There isn’t a frou-frou project in the book.

Katya’s favourite project is this shirt dress– and it ranks pretty high for me, too:Tuttle Publishing Review 002

It’s just so soft and sweet. The super cute model doesn’t hurt, either.

Another favourite is the “Neat Blouse” and “Double Layer Skirt”.Tuttle Publishing Review 004

As you can see from the tactical sketch, the blouse is just detailed enough to make it special.  Since it uses nine buttons– four on the front for looks, and five on the back for function, it’s a great excuse to buy those super cute buttons at the fabric store.Tuttle Publishing Review 005

My least favourite project is “d”– the “Mother-daughter Matching Square-neck Smocks”. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like ’em. Tuttle Publishing Review 006

There is an elongated version–seen in the index picture below as view “t” that I like a lot better.

I really like that she has an index of all the projects in the book.Book Review Tuttle 027

She has a whole page of very well done instructions for creating a strip placket, and another whole page on attaching a stand collar. There are four pages of notes and illustrations to help out the beginning sewer, explaining about cutting out, adding seam allowances, marking fabric, marking measurements on your sewing machine, sewing knit fabric, gathering, and getting around corners and curves neatly. There are actually some tips in there that I didn’t know– the bit about how to get a neat finish on sleeve hems.

The translation seems very good.

Of the the six pattern books from Tuttle Publishing that I own, this is my favourite. I had fun reviewing this, and can’t wait to make the other projects.


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