December in Baltimore (pt2)

(Continued from part 1)

We spent a quiet evening, taking time to drive around Baltimore to look at the lights, something Katya always enjoys.

The next morning we got up bright and early to head the her eye appointment.  Baltimore December 028

Katya really liked the gingerbread house. She kept staring at it.

Baltimore December 029Of course, our GPS ran us through the middle of Baltimore, and so we were 15 min late (even though we left early), but the office was super nice.

Here’s Katya doing part of her eye exam.Baltimore December 045

Katya tried so hard, and kept making these funny old lady faces.

Baltimore December 052


Baltimore December 058

Katya looking glamorous while her eyes dilate.

Baltimore December 068

Dr. Repka said that her eyes are working together so much better that right now surgery is not required, much to his surprise.  He put it down to the extra therapy she’s receiving at school, and her brain doing some unexpected healing. I think Katya looks wonderfully “space age” in this picture.

Baltimore December 069

So that was all happy news.

Katya helped strip the beds, and hauled the laundry bag all by herself!Baltimore December 070

And then we left, with the happy result that we are home.



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