A Quiet Christmas Break

We made lots of cookies these last few weeks. Too many, really, but whatever. The Littles– always Chad and Katya, and sometimes Kristina– had a lot of fun decorating them.  In addition to the cutout cookies I also made Snickerdoodles and lemon curd bars with a coconut flour crust.


We went out driving a few times to look at lights. I made kettle corn to eat as we drove.

Kettle Corn

The kidlets went in their pjs, so they were easy to pop into bed later.


Christmas Day was quiet and uneventful. There weren’t any huge presents (except for Daddy, who got a long awaited guitar) but Chad, Katya, and Kristina all got Legos, I got a replacement board book for one that I had loved and worn out as a child, and Todd got a vintage vinyl set of “Pirates of Penzance” by the Glyndborne opera company.




After Christmas we went to an unofficial Lego Museum in a small mining town. The museum was in a neat art-deco school.


Chad makes a very cute sarcophagus.


The town was quaint in it’s shabbiness. There was a fantastic abandoned bridge over the river.




And on our way home we stopped at a Gardens to see the lights.


Not pictured are the trips the the science-center, the old bookstore, and an idyllic park on an achingly cold and beautiful afternoon.

The winter solstice turns, and the foggy world spins towards summer.016




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