A Tiny Tree

A few years ago mum bought Kristina and myself a miniature Christmas tree to put in our room.  It was, admittedly, a rather poor specimen, being among the first tiny trees to appear in Hobby Lobby.  Kristina, who has a deeply rooted love for “bling”, especially enjoyed fluffing it up and hanging on the little plastic ornaments.  For myself, it had been mildly amusing the first year, and ever since I ceased to think of it at all.

So when the tiny tree mysteriously vanished–something that I promise you I had *nothing* to do with–  and could not be found this year, I was not especially upset, and initially intended to do nothing. But, well, when Kristina kept making hopeful forays into already searched dark corners, and requesting trips into the attic, all the while sadly and plaintively mourning her dear tree– well, what could be done?  And when as an excellent early Christmas present, Mum and Dad purchased and installed a second dresser to hold sweaters, removing the need for a hanging sweater stacker in our closet, and thereby freeing up a good foot of closet rod– and incidentally providing the *perfect* display area for a tiny tree– well, I knew something would have to be done.

So I did.



It only involved fifteen minutes in the cold outside, clipping a bush and stuffing the clippings into floral foam.  I must say, it’s a happy compromise. For Kristina, it is a tree. For me, it is a tree. And incidentally, since it is only trimmings and foam, it can’t support ornaments or lights, thereby lending itself to a simpler aesthetic.  *I* think it’s great. So does Kristina.

My inspiration was found here.


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