Ukrainian Carols

The Ukrainian Christmas season is a little later than ours, which is why on the 11th we were able to go to a Carol Service at a Ukrainian-Catholic church.

It was a beautiful building. Having been raised both Mennonite and Wesleyan Methodist, the church buildings of my youth never got any glitzier than maybe some gold curtain rings. Actually, for awhile the Methodist church did have some gold glitter worked into the ceiling plaster. I used to stare at the sparkles and imagine that the reflected points of light were little pinholes that angels were looking through– hence the light. Of course, gold sparkle had nothing on this.IMG_2789We made sure to sit in the back, so that we could slip out in event of a meltdown.  It was cozy under the choir loft. We figured Katya would feel more secure under a ceiling.

We got there maybe 15 or 20 minutes early, but were not bored. Singers and some audience members wore traditional Ukrainian or traditional-inspired clothes, I saw some truly envy-worthy fur coats, and over it all was a soothing wash of Russian and Ukrainian.  Katya happened to see some very cute children in very cute Ukrainian costume and suddenly looked a little insecure, and touched her skirt self consciously. I reminded her that she too was dressed very pretty, and was wearing great boots and a large hairbow, and Katya cheered up. She can wear her Ukrainian clothes next year.

Isn’t she cute? (Disclaimer: Mum *has* to sit like that because of her trifocals.)

IMG_2804The music was lovely. It was so good to hear Ukrainian and Russian again.  Katya really enjoyed the music, and sometimes acted as if a song was familiar.

IMG_2792We really had a lovely time.




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