Early February

We were sorting through Katya’s Corner, and found some nice artwork.  Here you see Two Guitars. Katya’s music teacher has been teaching her a bit of guitar, which I suppose is what inspired her.


Here is a Mosaic Lion, made from snips of construction paper.


Funny story about Katya– last night while she was taking her bath we heard her thumping, so I go in to check. She’s fine, but when I ask her what’s wrong, she blows in my face. I say, “What, Katya? Why are you blowing in my face?” Katya blows some more. I think, “blow –> air –> wind –> fan” and so ask “Fan? Do you want the heater off?” and Katya, bless her little heart, says (with her mouth!) “Duh!” complete with intonation!

The Science Center was holding a sensory viewing of Frozen on Friday night, which means that they left the lights on dim and turned the sound down a bit.  We all went, except Kristina, who opted to go to a sleep-over.  Chad, who adores Olaf, dressed up for the occasion. He even made himself a nose!


We had loads of fun. Katya whipped her little head around when the airplane in the pre-show cartoon popped out of the screen and the surround sound took over. She was startled, but understood when I explained about there being lots of speakers.  Even Todd liked it. We went to Menchies afterwards as my birthday treat, which was great because it also happened to be National Froyo day (I hadn’t even known there was such a thing!) and they were giving away 6oz of yogurt free per customer!  Chad and I also got to walk around the shopping mall while Katya got some one-on-one with Mum and Dad at Trader Joe’s. The folks at Trader Joe’s are nice, and let Katya ring stuff up and bag it.  We all really needed the fun.

Kristina had a birthday, and turned fifteen. Her birthday dawned cold and clear, with wood smoke over the valley.  It was lovely.


Pink is so easy to do this time of year. I made her coconut chocolate pudding.


So far February has been good.



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