The Conservatory

Sometimes, when Mum needs a break from six people needing her attention, she asks Daddy to take us out for the afternoon. This time it was to The Conservatory, or the “Mechanical Garden” as Chad calls it.

The plants were, as usual, beautiful.

Feb. 21-March. 1 058

Feb. 21-March. 1 060 Feb. 21-March. 1 061 Feb. 21-March. 1 051

Due to the snow, the place was practically deserted.

Feb. 21-March. 1 076

I thought the geometry beautiful.

Feb. 21-March. 1 062 Feb. 21-March. 1 068 Feb. 21-March. 1 080

They had switched up some of the blown glass.

Feb. 21-March. 1 064 Feb. 21-March. 1 078 Feb. 21-March. 1 059 Feb. 21-March. 1 100

As for us, Kristina matched the flowers,Feb. 21-March. 1 075

Katya smelled the flowers,Feb. 21-March. 1 052

Chad and I saw cute things in the gift shop,Feb. 21-March. 1 090

the butterflies were almost morphed,Feb. 21-March. 1 094

and Katya had snow on her eyelashes.Feb. 21-March. 1 101

It was a nice time.


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