“Sew Chic Kids” by Ruriko Yamada Book Review

Due to finishing up school– and general stress and whatnot– this review is very late. Embarrassingly late.  But here it is: Dress “J” (Katya is squinting in the light)

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by Tuttle Publishing for the purpose of reviewing it. All opinions expressed here are my own. I was not paid. 

Sew Chic Kids Bk. Review 016

This was a really easy pattern to cut out and put together. All told, it took maybe a day once it was traced and cut.

The pattern sheet came in 4 colours– green, blue, black, and red. This–and the clearly labeled list on each page– made it easy to find the patterns.  Each sheet is printed on both sides, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, flip it over. :-)

The measurements seemed true–I had no problems– but I got maybe a 1/4th yd more fabric than the book required, and still had to be creative getting all the pieces cut out.

My favorite tip:  Ironing the ruffles before sewing them.  It just made everything lie so flat and nice!

I changed just two major things with  this pattern:  Firstly, I lined the bodice. While I’m sure it would work without the lining, I preferred the slightly more substantial look the lining gave.  001

Secondly, I added the super-cute sleeve ruffle from dress “A”.

Sew Chic Kids Bk. Review 010

Because I couldn’t flip the ruffled seam allowance under, without also flipping the whole edge of the arm hole, I bound the whole edge together for a neat finish.


I positioned the ruffle by going to the pattern for dress “A” and measuring down from the shoulder seam to the marking for the ruffle edge. Something like 8cm. down the front and 7cm down the back.


The binding is some vintage hem-tape I found in the stash.  Hand stitching it was the most time consuming part of this dress.

The instructions did not call for top-stitching— I top stitched anyway.

The Fit:  Katya is a slender gal, and fit right into a size 8 (the largest size) with no problems. She wears a Gymboree size 9, usually. As always, measure your child in centimeters for the best fit.

Since the dress is in a bishop sort of style, it isn’t very fitted. In the front bodice width, I might have been able to size down, but Katya needed the neck and armhole size.

Sew Chic Kids Bk. Review 023

The pointy yoke was a little difficult to pull off. Perhaps it was because I lined the bodice. I ended up hand stitching the point, then top stitching the whole thing.

Sew Chic Kids Bk. Review 018

I really liked this pattern, and would so totally make this again!

Sew Chic Kids Bk. Review 022

Thanks for modeling, Katya!


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