Our One-Day Vacation

Since there was literally only one day this summer we could take a vacation, we took it.  We made the most of, and packed in as much fun as we could. We got a hotel for one night, and planned to go to the Ukrainian Festival the next day.  The kids swam in the hotel pool, and had a blast. Katya is getting braver about putting her face in the water. Katya Swim

After a series of bubble baths, we went out for Menchie’s. Kristina likes nerds, Katya prefers fruit and sprinkles, Chad likes gummy worms and marshmallow syrup, and I went for pretzels and cookie dough.MenchiesThe next day we packed up and headed out to the festival. We’ve been wanting to go to the Ukrainian Festival for a while now. Though a fairly small affair–being church run– it didn’t disappoint.057


040 041 Chad won a prize at “Penguin Fish Fling”.


We bought lunch at the festival. The food was good–but the Bortsch was fabulous!

050 Kristina was about besides her self with joy to eat the food of her youth–Kristina was adopted from Russia, but there was overlap in cuisine– and Katya ate so much she could hardly eat any supper!Katya Eat

They were offering church tours after lunch, which we happily accepted. Katya and Chad got bored after a bit, but Mum and I found the discussion on the history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church fascinating.


This is a quick picture of the ceiling. I didn’t take more pictures, because it didn’t feel quite respectful, somehow.058

The best thing that happened on the trip was Katya holding a balloon!  Katya is frightened of balloons–or was– so this is huge! Think of how many situations have balloons in them–fairs, birthday parties, car dealerships, malls, parks…. it is difficult to move about society without running into balloons.   Her being okay with touching a balloon is a great step toward independent living.065 064

On our way home, we popped into the Russian Festival for a few minutes. There was some dancing, and a very large balalaika.


Now on to the next thing–cleaning, most likely. We have a lot of relatives visiting before Katya’s surgery.


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