Sewing For Your Girls, by Yoshiko Tsukiori: Pattern Review

Tuttle publishing very kindly asked me to review “Sewing for Your Girls” by Yoshiko Tsukiori.  They sent me the book, but I was not paid for this review, and all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Book Review bed jacket 041

Since we expect, if all goes well, that Katya will be spending a lot of time in bed after surgery, I decided that “Basic Pattern 8” was appropriate. Because, you see, it’s also a bed jacket. I chose the brightest flannel in my stash–it’s a peanut-butter and jelly print.

Book Review bed jacket 024

Book Review bed jacket 030

The Pattern: There are two pattern sheets, with a front and back, both sides printed. Each side has a helpful index, detailing which pattern pieces are on that sheet. The pattern sheets are printed all in black. This makes it easy to see the lines, but difficult to find and stay with the piece you are looking for. The Author says to use a graph ruler to help you trace. It probably works, but I haven’t a graph ruler, so I use the cm. side of my tape measure, and go along making little dots or dashes, and then go back and connect the dots. “Basic Pattern 8” is a simple pattern, so there was no trouble.Book Review bed jacket 043

Sizing: I used the second smallest size–Katya wears an old 9 or a new 10 in Gymboree– and it fits well, with extra ease.  The Author designed the garments to be worn for several years.

The instructions were easy to follow, simply because it was a super easy pattern. Seriously, I got it traced, cut out, and sewn in the equivalent of a day.

Book Review bed jacket 003

Instructions didn’t say 

  • Which way to iron the seams–it’s towards the back, BTW.
  • That it is rather necessary, esp. with bulky flannel, to make a careful clip in the seam allowance where the sleeve and the side seam come together.
  • How to gather–‘though those instructions may have been earlier in the book.

I liked the bit about marking the fabric by cutting it. Just little snips, nothing drastic, mind you.

Book Review bed jacket 002

I changed very little. I misunderstood the seam allowance for the front opening–I read it as 2 inches when it was supposed to be 2 centimeters, but that was my own fault and in no way ruined the garment.

Book Review bed jacket 035

I also lengthened the jacket by four or so inches–Katya is very long, proportionally– and extended the bias tape into ties, rather than a button, because hospitals are fond of ties.

Book Review bed jacket 036

Book Review bed jacket 030

I will make this pattern again, this time with snap tape in the shoulders to make it IV friendly. I’ll let you know how it goes.

BTW, Katya says she likes the jacket, esp. the sleeves, and would like me to make her another one.


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