“Stylish Remakes” by Violette Room, Book Review

Another book sent to me by Tuttle Publishing. As usual, all opinions are my own, I was not paid for this review, etc.

It seems to me that for every “sew” pun this side of the Atlantic, there’s a “stylish” Japanese pattern book. Although, “Stylish Remakes” isn’t really a pattern book.  It has no pull out pattern sheet, and only two patterns inside. It’s really a book of instruction and inspiration. But what it is about most of all is upcycling.


I was inspired by three projects in this book;

Stylish Remakes Review 012

Stylish Remakes Review 013 Stylish Remakes Review 014

to follow the book’s advice,Stylish Remakes Review 021

and make this:

Stylish Remakes Review 042

Mum gave me this shirt, which though lovely in fit and lovely in color, was so plain it could make your eyes water. So I added simple beading to the neck, and a vintage hanky bow, which I never would have thought of without “Stylish Remakes“!

Stylish Remakes Review 028

Now to the basic stuff:

Stylish Remakes Review 017

The “College Sweats” section is one of my favorites–although I can’t figure out why the shirts are all American. Perhaps they restyled this book for an American audience?   Whatever the case, this outfit is my favorite:Stylish Remakes Review 009

I thought this shirt would be hilarious done up in Buckey’s/Michigan.

Stylish Remakes Review 010

Here’s one of the instruction pages for the above shirt. As you can see, the measurements are all approximate.

Stylish Remakes Review 015And a random coat, which is somehow kind of awesome.

Stylish Remakes Review 011

There you have it–a brief summation of Stylish Remakes” by Violette Room.  Go forth and upcycle!


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