Sewing For Your Girls–Hospital Bed Jacket

Here’s a hospital-friendly reiteration of “Basic Pattern 8” from “Sewing For Your Girls” by  Yoshiko Tsukiori.042

I simply split the sleeves, and added 1/2″ (+seam allowance) to the back piece, and 1/2″ (+ seam allowance) to the front piece. Than I added snap tape and sewed as usual. I also added snap tape to the front, and took about 2″ of width from the back.


This was a really emotional garment for me to sew. It’s hard to explain, but even though it is a garment for Katya’s comfort, it feels like sewing it solidifies and makes real the fact of her future pain. Every time I see it, or handle it, I worry that maybe she won’t be able to enjoy it. Maybe I’ll have to fold it up and send it to some other little girl.  But Katya is touched that I’m making things for her–Katya loves a good act of service. And so, I suppose the only thing to be done is to put teary thoughts aside –after making a good plan of action, of course, in case our worst fears should be realized–personally I plan on alternating between crying hysterically, dripping quietly, and retreating to some out of the way nook to brood –as I was saying, to put teary thoughts aside, and focus on making these days as happy as possible.  Dear, sweet Katya.

Katya first day of school 15 009


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