A Breezy Skirt

I’ve finally got another “J” skirt (from “Stylish Skirts” by Sato Wanatabe” made up, in a very light and thin fabric with a raised grey dot. I like how it turned out, and how it actually looks better  un-ironed!

(I see that I neglected to take the size sticker off my shirt before Kristina took this picture. Don’t look too close! :-) )Stylish skirts j 011

The waistband turned out especially well, I think. When you are cutting the waistband out, double check the measurements to make sure you have enough width for your three casings. The measurements given in the book are just a bit off. Fortunately for me, because I cut the waistband out on the selvage (thereby not having to iron both edges under) I was able to use my 3 1/2″ quilting ruler as a pattern.

Stylish skirts j 014

I’m really looking forward to wearing this skirt! And may I just say that I love this pattern?!


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