I Wish I Could Blog

I know; here I am. But not really. Pecking away at an I-pad, with no ability to upload pictures or access saved drafts, isn’t very satisfying. All the “real” computers I have access to aren’t cooperating. They are simply too old to be of use. I don’t know about the free Hospital computers, because the family resource library is only open Monday-Friday, and I missed it yesterday.

I sat with Katya this afternoon so mum could get out of the hospital. She’s not eating very much yet, but she drank a can of v8 juice and ate a bowl of carrots for supper.now that she’s eating more, she’s in good spirits, and has stopped lying in bed with tears silently rolling down her face into her ears. I mean, shes not her normal, bouncy self yet, but yesterday she chuckled to herself, and she’s been more smiley and conversational today. Katya, I mean, not mother. This iPad isn’t being very cooperative.

Dr. Dorafshar is delivering exemplary care, as usual. He’s been to visit Katya three times since surgery, even when he was very tired himself. Actually, everyone on Katyas team has been doing a great job.

As for me, I’m tired of things being weird, and shuffled. I miss not having mum around at night. I miss being able to use a real computer. I’m tired of sharing a room with people other than my sisters. I don’t miss our house, so much, but I miss the privacy it affords, things like multiple bathrooms that aren’t adjoining the sleeping space. I want to be able to go into my own living spaces without a camera watching me.


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