Katya Yesterday

The most liquid we got into Katya at one time yesterday was  60 ml. of cranberry juice. She’s still not eating or drinking anything approaching normal amounts.

Katya felt just well enough to be bored, but not well enough to do anything. When a kid came bouncing past her door on an exercise ball, Katya burst into a fit. Of giggles, which turned into a puddle of tears. Katya loves bouncing on exercise balls. So the nurse went and brought a wheel chair that would support her head, and padded it up with pillows, and we took Katya for a ride. It was the most excited I’ve seen her all week.  I mean, if mum and I get a bit stir crazy after spending most of the day in one room, imagine how Katya must feel after several days of staring at the same ceiling.

We took her out to the little garden between Bloomberg and Phipps, and Katya sat for awhile feeling the breeze and listening to the water.  She also wanted to go to the play room, and she made a bead string.

Later that evening, she got to have a tub bath, which she enjoyed very much. Overall. I think she had a good day. (please excuse any typos, because I cannot fix them. Also, I still can’t post pictures.)


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