September 9th-11th, October 2nd

Since Katya got out of the hospital on a trial basis yesterday, October 2nd (hooray!) it only seems fitting that I catch you up just a wee bit on the beginning of her hospital stay. This is Katya after surgery, her first night in PICU. The nasty red line is a drain tube.katya 014

Katya’s forehead: katya 018This is a really neat sheet Child Life had typed up and posted where everyone could see it:katya 024

It helped a lot. Everyone did really well relating to her.

Katya felt fairly well that first day. Dr. D had left orders that she could advance her diet as fast as she wanted, so she was able to eat popsicles and Italian Ice.

katya 025

The next day (Sept. 10th) she got an IV out of her foot. Child Life did really well prepping Katya for procedures, and she coped with everything really well.katya 034Our PICU view:

katya 032Then she was moved up to the floor.  Our breathtaking 10th floor view:katya 058

Mum and I ate supper with Katya. Chick-fil-A brought supper in to the Childrens House. I took up residence on the window ledge.katya 047

On Friday I brought Chad to visit.katya 056

Katya enjoyed seeing Chad, even if he did annoy her a bit. But I think a bit of healthy annoyance can be a good thing.

Fast forward to Oct. 2nd–

This is Katya getting out of the hospital yesterday: Katya out of Hospital

It was a bit bitter sweet– it’s sad to leave all her wonderful nurses and Child Life staff. But it was so nice last night to see her sweet face on the pillow next to me. Katya’s doing really well! She’s only a wee bit shaky about eating and drinking. We hope we can go home soon.


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