Heading Home

We’re heading home tomorrow. It’s really weird. We have routine here. As soon as Katya got out of the hospital, normal started happening. It’s almost like she was never *in* the hospital to begin with.

Normal is obviously very tenacious.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things go once we’re really home.

Frankly, I’m a bit nervous about going home. I haven’t done well keeping up with things while I was here in Baltimore. I thought I would blog, journal, do my math homework, practice my violin, and finish a stack of job applications.  I didn’t do well with any of that.  I have my reasons, of course, good, valid reasons–but I’m still behind.  “Reasons” don’t change that.

I’m also worried about going back to the “daily grind”. I’m concerned that I will just begin vegetating at home, just sitting on the computer not doing anything interesting or useful. That’s why I love being in Baltimore with Katya because, however hard it might be, I usually feel useful. I have a purpose, and am doing something meaningful. At home, what do I do, now that most of my volunteer stuff has died down? I make supper and hold the fort while mum runs people to appointments. Also useful, also meaningful, also hard, but… less fulfilling, somehow. It’s definitely less interesting.

I am going to be doing MOPS this winter. I’ve never helped with anything like that before, but some of my friends are the best in the business at child care, so I’ll have lots of advice. :-)

Anyways, I know you mostly read my blog to hear about Katya, and she is doing well. I am sorry that I don’t have more pictures up. I have 513 pictures on my camera, and that is going to take a long time to download and sort through, so y’all just going to have to wait.

Oh, she had her post op appointment with Dr. D. yesterday. He was in fine form, and styled a dark grey suit with a pink silk tie and a flamingo lapel pin–not as flamboyant as it sounds, really.  Dr. Erin came too, and boy, can that woman rock scrubs! Infectious Diseases came in–I.D. for short– and it always cracks me up how enthusiastic they are about their field of study. I mean, these guys (and girls) can get positively bubbly about bacteria and viruses. Found strep in the stroganof? Hooray! Gangrene in the gonads? Is this awesome or what?!  They really like seeing what grows in the petri dish.

Anyways, Katya got a provisionally clean bill of health–we have to see how she does once her course of antibiotics is done, if the infection will come back. Dear God, please, no.  And we’ll be back here in 4-6 weeks for Katya’s eye appointment.

So tomorrow we’re headed home.


2 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. I am happy to hear that Katya seems to be doing fine, and I truly hope that the infection is gone forever.
    But I must add too, that I do read your blog as much if not more for what you do and think about, and not just for news about Katya!


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