September 15th, in Pictures and Words

On September 15th, they were going to discharge Katya. They were going to discharge us that morning, but when we protested because Katya was spiking fevers, having horrible diarrhea, still not really being able to eat or drink and had a swollen forehead, the hospitalist Pediatrician decided to “humor” us, and said that she would keep Katya in the hospital until after lunch.

Mum and I knew she shouldn’t be discharged, but we did not know what else to do because we had protested strongly already. So we began to pray that God would bring clarity to the situation.  Meanwhile, for lunch, we took Katya for a wheel chair ride down to the cafeteria.130 And on this particular day, we finally explored the old part of the hospital.132

We really enjoyed going out with Katya.

Just as we got back to the room, Child Life was gathering up a group of kids for a “build your own pillowcase” activity, held in the Great Room of the hospital.135 147

While Katya made a pillowcase–well, she supervised–I admired the view. This is the back side of the Children’s House from 11 stories up.

Katya had been rather listless all day, and it was just getting worse. Along with that, she began to feel very, very hot.134

As soon we got back to our room, the nurse showed up with discharge papers in hand. We asked the nurses to take Katya’s temperature before discharge because we did not have a thermometer at the Children’s House: it was high–over 102 with Tylenol at peak dose.  The nurses eyes got wide and she said she was going to call the Doctor’s. The “after lunch discharge” was put on hold until “maybe after supper”. By supper, Katya’s temp was even higher–over 103–and so the discharge was officially cancelled. We thanked God for bringing clarity to the situation!

Katya was put on isolation as a precautionary measure, while they tested for C-Diff and whatnot.  After that, nothing much happened for the rest of the evening. There’s a lot of waiting in the hospital–waiting for nurses, waiting for teams to show up, waiting for food.

Because of the fever and general crumminess, Katya had to have labs that night, which she hated.  This picture is of Katya in bed, rocking back and forth in fear. Behind the nurse, not visible, is the VAT lady getting ready to take Katya’s blood. Mum is encouraging Katya, and Nurse Nicole has gently put her hand on Katya’s back. 160

Because the labs came back normal, everyone except Mum and I thought the fevers, crumminess, and diarrhea were ‘just viral’. We had our serious doubts. Like Mom told the Pediatrician, “This is not like any virus I have ever seen before.”162


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