I Backtrack to Baltimore

I got distracted by shiny Christmas sweaters, but here is Katya with Dr. D., getting her picture taken. Oddly enough there were no observers at our appointment. Usually there are at least one or two people standing in the corners.  But this time it was just Dr. D., which was nice, because instead of being “Dr. D., Teacher” or “Dr. D., Colleague”, he was just “Dr. D., as Himself”.


In this picture, Dr. D. was showing Katya how to tip her head, but she didn’t understand quite what he wanted, and mirrored him instead.


After Katya’s appointment we took her up to say ‘hi’ to the nurses, which was great, even though some of them were out on lunch break, so we didn’t get to see everyone. When we got to the floor (Hello again, 10S!) Katya said “Six! Six!” and wanted to go see her old room! Mum was surprised that she remembered her old room number. We brought the nurses some chocolate from Trader Joe’s, because nurses are awesome and deserve chocolate.

We also ran into Payton from Child Life! It was great to see her again, not only because Child Life was so instrumental in getting Katya through her hospital stay, but also because Patyon is just a nice person.

Though Katya was pretty mellow while we went to appointments and visited people, later she laughed and laughed, and was so happy. Weird as it may sound, it was good to be back–under pleasanter circumstances.


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