Katya, Just Eleven

Katya's Birthday 001Katya's Birthday 007Just like that, she’s a pre-teen!

2015 has been a big year for Katya. She’s had two surgeries, reads fluently on a first grade level, and has become “Katya the Brave”. Just this month she climbed a huge milestone when she came to me for help when she was sick!

Katya at Just Eleven:


color (blue)

pattern (stripes)

food (soup, vegetables, anything)

dessert (chocolate)

music (nearly everything)

activity (jumping, baths)

subject (music)

weather (sunny)

animal (n/a. Dislikes all animals, hates dogs. Approves of food chain.)

book (Piggy and Elephant, Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, Richard Scary)

movie (Frozen!)


secret talent (hiding things)

worst thing (animals, crowds)

New Skills:

speaks at level of (15 month old–some words intelligible to family!)

reads fluently at (first grade level)

says thank-you 50% of time without prompting

manages fear of (balloons, sparrows, lanyards, sudden motions, conversations about food,  getting clothes wet, the dark, talking, school,  pigeons, vomiting into a puke bowl, aprons, forests,coughing, and gold fish.)

Hopefully Katya has a great year in 2016!






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