A Trip Out

Over a year ago, Mum and Dad went away for a few days (or a week) and took Chad (or maybe they didn’t–as you can see it was long enough ago my memory of which trip it was is vague) and as payment for my babysitting services, they promised me a day out with the both of them. I didn’t know what to ask for, so Mum suggested the Cheesecake Factory, because we have never been there and cheesecake is a rare treat at our house due to multiple food allergies.

Friday was (finally!) the day my day out happened. We had to go to the city on some errands anyway. Mum and I ducked into Crate & Barrel while Daddy found parking, and it was amazing to know that we could stand and talk for a half hour by the china glasses, if we wanted, and nothing bad would happen. We ate a packed lunch and swung by the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I had the Chocolate Tuxedo. It was excellent, and nearly too much too eat. I had to split it with Mum and Dad.

Cheesecake factory

It was really nice to get out with Mum and Dad by myself. I used to get out with them when they drove me back from my Christmas Concert, but the last two years it hasn’t worked out, because babysitting is so hard to line up. I sort of get them to myself when we go to Baltimore –because Katya isn’t what you’d call a big talker (think 15 month old)– but Katya understands practically everything now, so conversations have to be “through the roses”, and I still have to watch out for her in shops and things, so this was really special.


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