An Impromptu Fieldtrip

One of the many nice things about homeschooling is that your teacher, like Ms. Frizzle, can look outside, see it’s a lovely day, and declare a field-trip. After weeks of cold mud and sitting indoors,  we all were delighted with the warmth and change of air.

We ate a picnic lunch, and headed out to the trails.

Chad saw a face in a tree, and I found what Chad theorized was a snake egg. He’s probably right–he usually is about animals.


Then we spent a while looking at the things swimming in the swamp.

March 8

This little thing is a Fairy Shrimp! They actually swim on their back.

IMG_1563March 8 (2)

In the nature center, we also spent a long while watching a ninja-squirrel. We thought he was stuck, or would eat himself sick, but after awhile he just dropped out of the feeder and bounced off, extremely pleased with himself.


We ended up walking several miles, and could have done more, but we needed to get home to get Katya off the bus. It felt super nice to be outside again!


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