Views From Spring Break: The Cake

It’s a long-time tradition at our house–the spring cake. A yellow cake topped with icing, green coconut flakes, jelly beans, and peeps. One year, when I was feeling fancy, I even candied some violets for it.

Katya helped shake the coconut with the food coloring, I made and frosted the cake, and Chad pitched in with decorating. This year the only peeps mum could find that were safe for everyone were noxious green “sour watermelon” flavored. Nobody liked them. Actually, the only candy that got eaten was the jelly beans, which were the health-food store sort. The rest was picked off and left in a pile in the corner of the cake pan. Mum didn’t care–sweets are by no means mandatory at our house. :-)  With spring-cake, it’s the thought that counts.



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