A Hike for Our Health

Katya was very disregulated this morning. Usually she rocks and flaps in the car and in church–today she was oddly still. Her emotions, however, were all over the place–tears to laughter to anger to loving hugs in no time flat. It isn’t even full moon–though we are in the middle of a sudden weather change.

So we took her for a hike to see if outdoors and exercise would help.

-Before we began-

The trail was much steeper than we thought it would be, but Katya is an amazing hiker and went bouncing along ahead of us, hollering for us to hurry up and come on!

-Red bud-

She kept saying “Hot! Hot! Cold!” This is the first summer she’s had enough body fat to get really warm from exercise, and it was a new experience for her. She wanted to be cold again!

-A barn from the 1800’s along the trail-

This is Katya heading back down the trail, after a  nearly 4mi hike. She was nice and calm, and rocked the whole way home.

-Headed back down-



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