The Very Short Summer Break

Katya is currently out of school, which means we get a week and a half of “summer” before we start having to get up at 6:55 again. It’s great she has summer services, but keeping a school schedule means that we always have to be at the house to get her off the bus, and we can’t do much in the evenings because she has to get to bed. As you can imagine, that cuts out a lot of spontaneity.

So during our little eleven-day break we’ve been trying to pack as much fun in as possible, while still getting stuff done around the house.

The morning before Katya got out of school, we cashed in on a groupon for a historical house tour, which was a lot of fun.001005

We also stopped by the conservatory and walked a very little around their grounds. We’ve never been to the conservatory in summer, so that was nice.012

We then went to Katya’s end of school program. Yes, I blurred that kid’s face out, and yes, it looks a little creepy. Sorry.016

And summer break started!



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