Baltimore Anniversary

So Katya’s One-Year Checkup was this month.

Things got a little hairy in the car, because Chad and Katya brought along their pet guinea pigs. (I haven’t mentioned that Chad has got guinea pigs now, have I? Well, he has. But these are some toy guinea pigs gifted to them by an awesome family friend. The live ones stayed home.)


There was a slight mix-up with our lodgings, so we unexpectedly ended up at the Ronald McDonald House, which was very different.  The locks on the room doors were far superior, being key pad and code which silently unlocked the door, as opposed to the Childrens’ House’s noisy key-card system. But the Ronald McDonald House did not have filtered water available.  But it was fine.

Daddy took Chad to the aquarium and to visit his friends at a small church school while mum and I did the morning hospital thing.

Katya’s appointments went well. I should have taken a picture of her with Dr. D, but…



After her Plastic’s appointment, we went up to 10S to see Payton from Child Life, and the nurses. Katya was happy to see the nurses–though the ones she knew best weren’t there–but what made her really happy was to see the cleaning lady! When Katya saw that cleaning lady, her whole face lit up and she ran over and gave her a hug! Katya very seldom initiates hugs, even within the family, so that ought to tell you a great deal about the depth of her feelings. But Katya always has approved of cleanliness.




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