Chad and Katya at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Since Chad also is seeing Dr. Repka  for the time being, due to a rather unfortunate and scary episode with the eye clinic at our local Children’s Hospital which led to us seeking a second opinion, he and Daddy rejoined us after lunch at the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Mum handled the bit of the hospital experience where you have to go over the entire medical history point by point. It took a while.



This is Chad and Katya looking on and waiting whilst Mum explained things.

Then we got down to business.

Katya was up first, and did quite well. Here she is with  Alex Christoff, counting the dots.


Side note to say– between Katya’s improved language skills, and Alex’s improved ASL skills, I am no longer needed as an interpreter for the alphabet slides! I’m happy to be out of a job.

Then the dilating eye drops. Katya is no longer frightened, but she does have difficulty prying her eyes open after getting drops.


Then it was Chad’s turn! He looked super cool in his glasses. I include this picture also because Mr. Christoff looks so wonderfully dynamic.


Chad got to read numbers out of a book.


After a relatively brief wait for their eyes to dilate we piled into a small exam room to be viewed by Dr. Repka Himself. Chad’s eyes checked out alright–no glasses needed!– and Katya’s optic nerves looked a bit better! So everyone was all happiness.



Then we left the city heart to go to Menchies. No pictures of the White Citrus froyo. We ate it all. :-)  And then, the next day, we went home.


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